Nuclear energy has been gaining popularity as more people realise that we need it to decarbonise, to tackle air pollution, and for energy security.

But many politicians are still heavily lobbied by anti-nuclear groups, whose voices have controlled the narrative for decades, which means that they don’s speak up for it publicly.

We can help to change this by emailing MPs directly to ask them to support nuclear energy and to do so vocally, as well as showing that people do want clean energy and will vote for those who put facts above ideology.



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Dear [MP],

I am writing to you to ask that you commit your support to the need to build more nuclear power plants in the UK.

The UK generates about 15% of its electricity from about 6.5 GW of nuclear capacity, but much of this capacity is to be retired by the end of the decade. Although renewables are being built, there will not be enough generation from renewable energies to replace the lost nuclear capacity. In fact, wind and solar power need a firm (reliable) energy source to back them up, and this is always either from nuclear energy, or fossil fuels (except where large amounts of hydropower are geographically possible).

The scientific consensus of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and other scientific bodies is that we need to build many more nuclear power plants in order to decarbonise. We cannot meet net zero goals without nuclear energy.

Yet the government has not made strong commitments to building new power plants. Getting new nuclear off the ground, and getting power plants built, means investing in new builds, recruiting workers for these projects, and showing commitment to see the project through so that investors know that it will not all be in vain.

We are in a climate emergency. Will you take steps to ensure that we decarbonise efficiently, using the data that shows how it has already been achieved in countries like France? I hope that, for future generations, you will do so – and vocally.

Kind regards,

[Your name]



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